The latest erected statue at the New York Courthouse – a pagan idol to symbolize abortion in aid of the goddess of baby killing!

Thinking that they only have the right to rule and earn this world the woke and the liberal are making sure that we do not forget who commands in this world. And they are doing so with the saga of monuments and statues which they are trying to honour the world with – a world which they are turning into theirs.

I have already written about a few monuments which have been recently erected and which are causing outrage. Another recently erected monument to cause outrage and which is not going well online is the latest 8-foot sculpture entitled “NOW” which was installed on the roof of a state court building the Appellate Division Courthouse of New York State First Department on Madison Avenue as part of an art exhibit from Pakistani American artist Shahzia Sikander.[1]The roof of the court building is lined with other statues of famous lawgivers from history and legend.
This golden statue described by Fox News as a statue with “curling braids and tentacle-like arms rises from a lotus flower” was created to pay homage to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It depicts a woman with hair braided into long spirals like ram’s horns and a web of tentacle-like protrusions at ear arm wearing a lace apron like the one Ginsberg wore over her robe and standing on a pink lotus flower.

Who was Ginsberg?

She was appointed a Supreme Court Justice where she successfully fought against gender discrimination as the feminist she was and managed to unify the liberal block of the court. She also fought for abortion. The statue even displays the late Supreme Court Justice’s signature lace collar. Because now if you fight for abortion if you are a liberal and if you are a feminist you are proclaimed a hero and a statue or monument is done in your honour.

Sikander told the New York Times that her work was called “NOW” “because it was needed “now ” at a time when women’s reproductive rights were under siege after the U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned the constitutional right to abortion.” How can reproductive rights be under siege by women being denied the choice to make abortion is beyond me… If women don’t want to reproduce then they can use ways and means to avoid having children instead of resorting to abortion.

Yet people have a different opinion. Many New Yorkers and other viewers on Twitter noticed that the statue is both unsightly and unsettling. Others claimed that the statue features “demonic” imagery.

The Daily Wire has called it a “pagan idol” in its article “’They turned abortion into a pagan idol’: New York Courthouse installs statue symbolizing abortion and RBG.”[2]

“They turned abortion into a pagan idol to worship and put it on a courthouse ” Billy Gribbin communications director for Republican Georgia Congressman Rich McCormick wrote on Twitter.

“The New York Courthouse has added this aesthetic atrocity to its sculptures of great lawmakers ” Daily Wire podcast host Andrew Klavanwrote. “It is meant to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s pro-abortion stance by depicting a woman with demonic goat-horns who has clearly lost the power to reproduce. Or something.”

The next Republican mayor of New York should not only remove but publicly destroy this monstrosity ” Daily Wire host Michael Knowlesadded.
“New York has put an androgynous baphomet with tentacles digging into its own torso on top of the courthouse in order to ‘better reflect 21st century social mores.’” writer Brandon Meekssaid. “Sounds about right.”

Clearly New York has erected a golden idol to celebrate a Jezebel a goddess of baby killing and the taking of innocent lives which looks like it is coming straight out from a pagan worship temple. Considering that Ginsberg was pro-child sacrifice then one might argue that the statue is very fitting.

This is the shout for abortion movement taking over and the celebration of the taking of innocent lives.

This is the world becoming a celebrative cult of death.


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