Pfizer has released its advertisement for its new Covid treatment drug Paxlovid. Rest assured that CEO Bourla will first tell you that it’s 100% effective until it gets to zero while we eagerly await the warnings of the company once it starts slapping its own drugs for “unforeseen side-effects”.
Didn’t the jab work?

Dr Fearne are you planning to bring Paxlovid to the local market by any chance? And if yes on which basis will it be prescribed? Does it mean that the minute people of all ages feel unwell they would be forced to take a bogus swab test so that they are told that they have Covid-19 and then they are prescribed Paxlovid?

Or will you be doing your own research about the truth about Paxlovid so that it does not turn out into another Remdesivir or any medicine produced by this charlatan corrupt pharmaceutical company and you will be doing your duty with the oath to do no harm to the nation?

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