The paedophile ring of the Elite and the doorknob suicides of celebrities. (2)

Hollywood actor David Carradine 72 was discovered dead in his room at the Swissôtel Nai Lert Park Hotel in the heart of Bangkok Thailand on 3rdJune 2009 where he was residing while filming his newest movie Stretch. According to a police official Carradine was discovered naked and hanging from the closest doorknob with a rope which immediately raised questions about whether or not he had committed suicide. However according to the reported evidence autoerotic asphyxiation was the cause of his unintentional death. The results of two autopsies one of which was performed by renowned pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunan determined that the death was not a suicide. “Accidental asphyxiation” was widely accepted as the cause of death. Vicki Roberts Carradine’s attorney stated: “I think there might have been foul play.” According to reports from the time of his passing Carradine might have been involved in child sex tourism which is rife in Thailand where he was discovered.

Robin Williams passed away on August 11 2014 at his Paradise Cay California residence. Williams was discovered hanging from a doorknob with a necktie on August 12 and the initial report from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office deputy coroner stated that Williams had hanged himself. The final autopsy report which was made public in November 2014 determined that Williams had hanged himself. The coroner determined that all prescription drugs found in the victim’s body were at “therapeutic” levels and neither alcohol nor illegal drugs were a factor.

The news of fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s passing came in the late afternoon of February 11 2010. His housekeeper discovered him hanging from a doorknob in the morning at his Green Street London W1 residence. He was declared dead at the scene after paramedics were called.
The Metropolitan Police declared the note to be unremarkable but did not formally declare the death to be a suicide. According to the sister of the Dutch queen reportedly “hung herself” from her doorknob. After allegations of holding “hunts” in which children were raped and killed by her dinner guests that particular Queen was forced to resign.

After breaking into MIT computers and discovering a sizable amount of child pornography Aaron Schwartz 26 a tech pioneer and Reddit co-founder was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment by his partner. It was reported that he had hanged himself from a doorknob. No suicide note was found. According to former-CIA agent Robert Steele Swartz hacked into MIT Computers and found a huge stash of Child Pornography shortly before his death. Schwartz led a movement to establish and uphold freedom of speech and presence on the Internet even though he undoubtedly had incriminating documents from the elite regarding paedophilia.

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