The local media fails to report the story of an American gay couple charged with sodomising and pimping out their adopted boys to men!

The local media has been diverting the public’s attention and energy from a lot of truth so that it helps in the pushing of the agendas of the woke and the liberal brigade. One of this agendas is that of the LGBTIQA+.

The reasoning is that a man who sexually abuses of a boy or a girl or both is called a paedophile; a man who sexually abuses of a woman is called a rapist but if we have a gay who sexually abuses of a boy or a man he is glorified and excused by the woke and the liberal brigade who told us that all they want is to live and let live as long as we live by their own terms and conditions. And when Fr David Muscat used the word gayyaġnito describe gay sexual abuse he was massacred by the mainstream media and taken to court. The mainstream media made the masses believe he is homophobic!

And so it happens that on the 20th of January the Daily Mail[1]tells the atrocious story of a wealthy adoptive gay couple who is being charged with sodomizing their adopted sons and who also pimped them out to local men and sent out videos of them raping the boys! Does this story mean that all gays are rapists or paedophiles? Of course not. But this shows that there is no social category that is immune to abuse.

The media reportage is as follows. I ask the readers to assimilate well the phrase which I marked in bold:

“A mysteriously wealthy gay couple from Atlanta who have been charged with sodomizing their adopted sons also pimped them out to other local men disturbing new documents reveal.”

“Zachary worked for a local bank branch while William worked for a local government customer service center but somehow the couple were raking in $7 500-a-week.”

They also built their dream house in a neighborhood where comparable properties sell for $900 000. Friends and family are baffled as to how they made so much money.

After a midnight raid on their home in August during which one of the adults was hauled naked from the house the pair admitted to a variety of heinous sexual crimes including rape and forcing their young sons to perform oral sex on them.

Now thanks to a Townhall investigation it has been revealed that not only did the sick couple abuse the boys but they are also accused of selling them to other local men.

Hunter Clay Lawless 27 and Luis Armando Vizcarro-Sanchez 25 have also been apprehended. Lawless told police that the Zulocks had ‘multiple times’ offered their boys to him. He was arrested after police discovered a large amount of child porn on his Gmail account. Vizcarro-Sanchez is being held on unrelated child sex crime charges. According to police the Zulocks also contacted him.

It’s unclear whether they ever met the boys or had any sexual interactions with them but Lawless told police that Zachary Zulock invited him to the house “multiple times” after meeting him through a friend on Grindr.

Child porn investigators arrested him after tracing a large cache to his Gmail address.

Police were informed by Lawless. Zulock messaged him on Snapchat saying he was going to ‘f**k his son’ that night and to expect videos of it.
“In one message Zachary allegedly said: ‘I’m going to f*ck my son tonight. Stand by.‘”

“Zachary Zulock and his husband William Dale Zulock Jr. were once the darlings of the LGBTQ scene in Georgia.”


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