Governments are feeding bugs to children in schools since indoctrination works best on children.

In a paper and study entitled “Education as a key to promoting insects as food”[1] B.A. Rumpold and A. van Huis tackle such concept and reach the following conclusion:

“The current food systems contribute to climate change environmental destruction overexploitation of natural resources and pollution of air water and soils (Dury et al. 2019). In the future our children will have to live with the consequences and will suffer most from it. Therefore educating children about sustainable alternatives seems to be the logical path to equip them with the knowledge skills and competences needed for a transformation towards sustainable food production and consumption. Insects as food may be an excellent entry point in showing that sustainable alternatives to meat are available. In addition edible insects represent an additional nutrient and energy source and might relieve malnutrition. Educational topics include the promotion and preservation of traditional yet sustainable consumption patterns the promotion of insect consumption in regions where insects are not traditionally consumed and the education of skilled insect farmers and insect food producers. Naturally this implicates education for sustainable development in compliance with SDG 4 ‘Quality education’ and SDG 12 ‘Responsible consumption and production’.”

And how about start promoting insects as food in schools?

The elite is well aware that indoctrination works best on children. Humans develop the habits they will live with for the rest of their lives during their formative years. Therefore the bug-eating agenda is spreading to schools all over the world.

Children are briefly permitted to take off their masks in the video below in order to eat crickets. They are raising a generation that is WEF-friendly and compliant.

A poster was also plastered in public schools in California specifically created to manipulate children into eating bugs. Using cheap psychological tactics the poster uses arguments such as “everybody’s doing it” “you can dip them in CHOCOLATE” and “it makes you cool”. Also it argues that “meat carries disease” and “makes you sick”.

In Wales primary school children could be offered edible insects including mealworms and crickets as scientists urge the next generation to embrace eco-friendly meat substitutes:

“Researchers are planning to feed bugs like house crickets and mealworms to children between the ages of five and 11 from four primary schools in Wales. They are also planning to serve up ‘bolognese’ made from insect and plant protein and potentially encourage them and their parents to move away from meat.”[2]

Researchers from Cardiff University and the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) are leading the project which will also involve surveying primary school students to learn more about their attitudes toward environmental issues and how those attitudes relate to their opinions on the food they consume. They hope to reduce the world’s consumption of meat by finding the most effective means of educating the younger generation and their families about the nutritional and environmental advantages of eating insects.

100 schools in the Netherlands have insects and mealworms on the menu while indoctrinating and brainwashing the children and young people to consolidate the globalist future and new normal:

In Australia snacks containing bugs are being sold in 1000 school canteens.[3]The snacks which have chips laced with eco-friendly cricket protein have been introduced by a Western Sydney company in order to save the planet.

And also in Australia researchers at the University of Adelaide are embarking on a new study to develop more accurate and consumer friendly descriptions for one of the most sustainable and high protein food sources on the planet – edible insects.[4]

Eating bugs is the last thing our children need when they are already being fed loads of rubbish that is damaging to their own holistic wellbeing:

with gelatin present in many sweets like gums:

And now that they are already making your children eat bugs they will tell you “You will eat the bugs and you will be healthy and you will save the planet” and we are doing so by indoctrinating your children while making them comply to do so!


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