All those who said you aren’t going to get Covid if you get vaccinated made a judgmental statement that is proving to be wrong

According to the British Time Outmedia portal there are 9 Covid symptoms affecting the vaccinated people.[1]

The fearmongering tactics are already running high in the portal’s introduction: “Sometimes it can be easy to forget that Covid is still a thing given that all restrictions have been lifted in the UK and most people no longer wear a mask. But the virus is still very real and new research has revealed key signs to watch out for as we enter the colder winter months.”

The portal then cites a 2021 Norwegian study which analysed the Omicron strain outbreak in a cohort in which 89% of participants had received two doses of the Moderna Covid vaccine.

“According to the findings published in the infectious disease and epidemiology journal Eurosurveillance fully-vaccinated people presented eight key symptoms – as well as a ninth common side effect of the virus.”

Besides noticing dizziness nausea and even fainting among vaccinated individuals who contract the Omicron strain “experts” have also noticed that the nine other key signs are:  a persistent cough runny nose fatigue sore throat headache muscle pain fever and sneezing. In a nutshell you have the flu.

And so the solution of worldwide governments was for you to receive more booster shots. But nobody said you wouldn’t get Covid if you’re vaccinated right?

And then we had the American commander-in-chief President Joe Biden in a CNN town hall telling to the nation “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”

But Malta is blessed to have a scientific mouthpiece for the checkered lodges of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al to disprove all this and show to the Maltese nation that you can still get Covid if you had these vaccinations but thanks to the same vaccinations which are working you recover well and can go back to work in another episode of “Forget the science we spoke to you about. The science has changed:”

““I tested earlier today and came out positive. Thanks to the booster I only have mild symptoms. I started quarantine today. I will continue working virtually ” Fearne had announced on social media.”


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