Now that we are reaching the end of 2022 I salute all those who were in their twenties and who died suddenly because of the death vax.

Now that we are in the last week of 2022 it is apt and humanely noble that we give our salute to all those who were in their twenties and have died suddenly because they obeyed their governments and took the Covid-19 lethal vaccine.

Locally the mainstream media reported only two sudden deaths of two men who were in their twenties – at least what we know of.

It is of course non-viable to list all the deaths so I took up a few months to get a short list. This “died suddenly” phenomenon is the worst genocide in human history. I honestly believe that we haven’t seen anything yet since the genocide is just in the baby steps.

22nd July 2022: “Former Miami Hurricanes player Sam Bruce died of a heart attack at age 24 says medical examiner.”[1]

5th August 2022: “Tipperary hurler Dillon Quirke (24) passes away suddenly after collapsing during Championship clash.”[2]

8th August 2022: “Fully jabbed 24-year-old Irish Athlete Dillon Quirke dies ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ mid-game – doctors baffled.”[3]

9th August 2022: 27-year-old Ohio medical student dies suddenly of ‘heart issue’ during three-day bike ride.”[4]

14th August 2022: “28-year-old American National reportedly dies suddenly in a shopping mall in Merida Mexico.”[5]

15th August 2022: “26-year-old neurosurgery resident dies in July making seven Canadian doctors to die in two weeks.”[6]

16th August 2022: “Comstock Park High School mourns death of boys varsity basketball coach”[7]– Comstock Park boys varsity basketball coach Tyler Edwards died unexpectedly Monday of suspected cardiac arrest aged 27.

18th August 2022: “Forida International football player Luke Knox brother of Buffalo Bills star Dawson Knox dies suddenly at age 22 – less than two weeks before the start of the season.”[8]

26th August 2022: “Woman found dead at 24-Hour Fitness parking garage in SW Houston identified.”[9]– 26-year-old women’s basketball director of operations Kaila Chizer was found unresponsive in her car after having been to the gym.

31st August 2022: “Junior hockey team’s captain dies during tournament in southern Ontario.”[10]– He was 20 years old.

5th September 2022: “Ouachita Baptist DL Clark Yarbrough dies at age 21 after collapsing.”[11]

15th September 2022: “Shock as 23-year-old footballer Mariano Ondo dies during training.”[12]

16th September 2022: “Leeds family heartbroken as ‘most beautiful’ daughter 23 dies suddenly.”[13]

16th September 2022: “’He loved her immensely’: Influencer Savannah LaBrant reveals her nine-year-old daughter Everleigh Rose’s dad has DIED ‘unexpectedly’ at age 29 – as she asks fans to ‘pray’ for her child.”[14]

16th September 2022: “He collapses under the eyes of his twin brother for him there was nothing to do: yet another inexplicable death of a young boy.”[15]

18th September 2022: “Hawaiian surf and skate prodigy Kalani David 24 dies suddenly while surfing in Costa Rica “It is brutal how biggest souls tend to vanish so randomly.”[16]

21st September 2022: “UCLA posts tributes to ex-big man Jalen Hill after his sudden death at 22”.[17]

22nd September 2022: “Vaccinated and boosted TV reporter 24 dies ‘suddenly and unexpectedly.’[18]

23rd September 2022: “Staten Island woman 221 died suddenly after ruptured brain aneurysm. Now her family fights to raise awareness of a silent killer.”[19]

25th September 2022: “Marine from Philadelphia Wayson Lu dies suddenly 27.”[20]

30th September 2022: “29-year-old man dies after feeling unwell while gaming with friends.”[21]

14th November 2022: “Stevenage man 20 with ‘gentle soul’ dies suddenly after feeling unwell at Halloween party with friends.”[22]

8th December 2022: “Body positivity TikToker Megha Thakur dies ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’.[23]– She was 21.

14th December 2022: “Australian student 25 dies suddenly in Bali after flying in for dental treatment.”[24]

How some people can keep on living as if life has returned to normal and celebrating going to parties and so forth is beyond me knowing what the world is currently going through. Those who are being injured or dying thanks to the Covid-19 vaccine who are crying out for help justice and to be noticed should be heard – at least by our hearts. Yes we warned them but it does not mean that we give a cold shoulder.

Thus with this blog in their memory I salute all those who have perished because of the Covid-19 vaccines.


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