Matthew Caruana Galizia proposes Daphne Caruana Galizia’s stand in favour of abortion: this explains why Repubblika and their acolytes are silent on the issue.

Back in September 2008 Daphne Caruana Galizia, a liberal and pro-choicer, published a disgraceful blog entitled “The plastic foetus army is back”. The title is already a disgrace as it is downgrading the miraculous foetus down to plastic especially coming from a woman who herself carried the gift of life three times giving life to three sons. This piece was shared by her son Matthew on his Facebook page on Sunday 4th December adding the caption “Classic gold. This country needs and misses you.”

Since when is Matthew Caruana Galizia siding with the government’s agenda when he has always been all out against Labour? It is clear that in Malta the wind does not need to blow in order for weathercocks to move according to the wind direction.

A decent female blogger with integrity sticks to investigative journalism without stooping low to spreading hate and rebuking individuals while making her point loud and clear so that indeed she publishes classic gold articles. Only such a blogger is needed.

Just when you thought it was safe to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the leftist, liberal, Social Darwinist, transhuman, posthuman, hardwired, immoral army in Parliament, the Repubblichini, Justice Occupiers, pro-choicers and all those pulling the strings from behind with their nefarious agenda are back in full force to bother us.

The news is that Malta is the only European country with a total ban on abortion which probably accounts for the government taking orders from above in its public demonstrations of kookiness.

The middle-aged Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have announced that they are succumbing to the fray albeit they rarely give us a break. The truth is that the Caruana Galizia brigade is now supporting them and Matthew Caruana Galizia does not bother to give support to this corrupt government.

I used the expression “middle-aged” as this was used by Daphne Caruana Galizia in the article mentioned by her son Matthew. This is why I am using it and not because I endorse Daphne’s article. I have nothing against middle-aged men or against middle-aged people. I am one myself. But Matthew Caruana Galizia’s comment reveals how nefarious he is having to endorse a Draft Law being proposed by what he defines as a corrupt government. This is an amendment that directly impinges on the life and rights of the unborn.

This government is leading us to a national disaster. Despite the fact that for thousands of years women had been treated like a lesser gender and slaves to men they recognized that their real and greater power was their womb. It is the sacred portal. The liberal society and the Woke are taking it in their own hands to undermine this women’s power by trying to destroy the life itself that grows in their womb. I as a woman react very negatively indeed to the sight and nonsense chatter of a bunch of pompous, narcissistic, misogynistic, mugwumps persuasively uniting with the Castille chieftain while making us swallow that the “angelic” American couple should be understood and cuddled.

What is happening now is part of the global, Mondial leftist liberal cult of death. This is being supported by Matthew Caruana Galizia. What he is endorsing is the allowance of irresponsible behaviour and drugs. There is no need to explain why Matthew Caruana Galizia and his mother were behind all this.

Matthew Caruana Galizia’s comment shows what these liberal leftists really are. They are nothing but misogynistic persons. They are political wannabes morbidly obedient to the dictate of the left-wingers in the EU.

But allowing abortion has nothing to do with women’s rights. Their agenda has a deeper evil and economic motive. It is a quest to undermine our true power.

Matthew Caruana Galizia’s post proves that clear thinking is a weak point of the liberals while moral thinking is the strong point of the Conservatives and of those who are against abortion.

The Conservatives have to struggle with busybody persons who want to control life from conception till death. They want to destroy what our past ancestors have created for us their descendants.

For this reason they are even ready to twist and break the Maltese constitution to bring abortion here forever. The right to life is enshrined in the Maltese constitution. This also holds for what is to come out of a woman’s womb. The Liberal pro-choice wants to do away with this constitutional coverage without even first seeking to amend the same constitution.

The liberals and the Woke want to distinguish between those who are born and those who are still in the womb.

This draft amendment is going to make abortion permissible in Malta. This is not being enacted to protect the mother but to protect those who want to break the Criminal Code and our constitution for money.

This is why people like me are fighting against the ideas of Matthew Caruana Galizia and his Repubblichini. He has no problem joining this corrupt government to infringe on the constitution and the law of the land. It is clear that the voiceless unborn are not in the centre of Matthew Caruana Galizia’s mercy.

The liberals, leftists and misogynistic pro-choice brigade are labelling those who are fighting against all these unconstitutional goals as “conservatives”. These are the same persons who months ago went down in the streets protesting in favour of the rule of law. Now they are the same people who are approving that our government breaks our constitution.

Unlike Matthew Caruana Galizia I love my country but I cannot fathom any nation living without spirituality and morality for the sake of “civil liberties”. Civil liberties cannot exist outside a moral and spiritual framework. The Communists experimented with separating civil liberties from morality and spirituality and they failed big time. The Communists ended up creating an enslaving beastly system whose tentacles continue to creep up like a suffocating rope around our necks because the Western world is embracing them.

Sharing such a blog shows that Matthew Caruana Galizia is endorsing the Woke ideology and his statement explains why the Repubblichini and Occupy Justice are dumb and silent about this issue of abortion and are covertly supporting Robert Abela in introducing abortion in Malta so that there will be no more plastic foetuses around.

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