Liberal leftist Doctors for Choice aided by the liberal leftist Lovin Malta uses nuns to state that women who do not have children like me do not have a say and a right to speak against abortion.

This is the kind of patriarchal mentality which has afflicted this country like an incurable disease. Doctors for Choice this is a pure insult!

Their underlying message is not truly about nuns however. It is first and foremost a showcase of their arrogant thought since they think that they are superior to others. Like the liberal Social Darwinists they think that they are now the new gods. Secondly it is an underlying message of their loath against all the clergy. And thirdly it is an underlying message that any woman whether she is a nun or not cannot or does not have a right to speak against abortion. Only they have a divine right to speak out.

And then they claim that they are there for women to help them in their choices when they are deciding who has a right to join the abortion death cult or not and who has no right to voice his opinion. Their blatant hypocrisy is just open for all of you to see.

So Doctors for Abortion my question for you is how come Daphne Caruana Galizia had a right to speak in favour of abortion when she herself had three children? So who has a right to speak against abortion and who has a right to speak in favour?

I know women who had an abortion and then spoke up against it outlining the aftermath that they had to go through!

Do you have a right by any chance especially when it is clear that the lobotomization of the brain was successful by the medical cartels?

Does the government have a right since it consists of a majority of males? Both Abela and Fearne are men and it is they who are pushing this Abortion Draft Law. Because then strictly speaking in my opinion no man has a right to speak in favour of abortion or speak up for what they deem right for women because they do not carry children in their wombs.

And since you speak that you are in favour of “choice” I do not remember that you have spoken up in favour of those who fervently said that their choice will definitely be not to be injected with an experimental vaccine in their veins! You never spoke up in favour of the unvaccinated choice did you?

One must keep in mind that Doctors for Choice has two male members in it but they think they can speak in favour of abortion because “women are so much at their heart”. But not those women who did not have children.

Where is your Hippocratic Oath which you swore on? Where does abortion lie in reproductive health and rights?

I agree with you that we are not a theocracy. Instead we are verging towards a kakistocracy and pornocracy driven by charlatans who are afflicted with empleomania like yourselves.

I have worked in a church school for 14 years and for the first 10 years when it was still run by nuns it was one of the best experiences in my life. They were very good listeners and approachable with students. They took care of the students as if they were their own. They even procured lunch and extra care for all those students especially the young ones who were neglected at home.

My humble respect to all those members of the clergy who are speaking up including nuns who do a great job taking care of orphans and unwanted children.

My humble respect to all those women who never had children because they decided so and are speaking up.

My humble respect to all those women who wanted to have children but for any reason they decided not to and are speaking up.

My humble respect to all those women who tried to have a child but could not conceive and are speaking up.

My humble respect to all those women who lost a baby a child a teenager an adult son and an adult daughter and now strong as they are carrying this wound for eternity are speaking up.

These are all women who wish that no child is aborted and whose small hand they can hold and caress while showering him/her with all the love that their hearts carry.

Do not take heed of their bullying tactics. This shows how weak they are in their quest to silence anyone who is against their agenda.

Love is the most powerful tool and when it comes to children it doesn’t matter who is the giver of such love. But it is much better than having been sold in body parts to the corrupt medical cartels. In such a way they were given the chance to breathe to live to love and be able to show to the world that one can achieve milestones without having parents in one’s life which is much better than being brought up by narcissistic damaging parents with double-personalities who cause irreparable trauma in their children but who still wake up loving life and making sure that they can pass on this love to the child they proudly carry in their womb.

God bless all the women and men who are against abortion.

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