Jay Weeldreyer aided by the Times has resorted to emotionally manipulating and bullying those who wanted to save his daughter.

Jay Weeldreyer aided by the Times has resorted to emotionally manipulating and bullying those who wanted his daughter to live in the game of narcissistic gaslighting and blame-shifting. And in line with the diktat of the Communist regime The Times has even limited those who can comment on the timeline underneath the article where it was said that according to Jay Weeldryer bullies are dancing on his daughter’s grave.

From Profs Simon Mercieca’s blog about this article by the pro-choice Times I just want to elaborate on one point: the fact that suddenly this Jay has turned into a “partner”. So suddenly what they called a “conspiracy theory” has turned into “things are not adding up and it is pretty obvious theory” which keeps on solidifying the questions and blogs which were published on this site. I remind the public that even foreign media portals like the BBC have described Jay as Prudente’s husband.

I also wonder why they are still in a position to denigrate my country and nation to the four winds. Shouldn’t they be emotionally devastated? Shouldn’t they be suffering from degenerative psychosis? After all Prudente is on record stating that “Abortion is a complicated intensely emotional and personal topic”. Jaħasra Prudente aided by Lara Dimitrijevic the Castille Chieftain and his deputy was so much in danger of losing her life that she was still in a position to be airlifted out of Malta and flown to Spain for “life-saving abortion” and be even given continuous coverage. And while recovering in a hotel in Mallorca Andrea who looked so pale and shaken still had the strength to speak to journalist Sara Monetta of BBC News.
And Jay poor man said they are definitely not abortion activists. And yet they were so adamant and rushing to terminate the pregnancy when the baby’s heart was still beating! One might also start asking what caused Prudente’s bleeding and water to break.

And apart from asking for daylight robbery from the whole nation by opening a court case they even had the time to text or liaise with a friend unless the script was already on the shelf without the need to be read so that a fundraiser on gofundme named “Fundraiser for Jay Weeldreyer by Kimberly Myron – Andrea Prudente” (https://www.gofundme.com/f/andrea-prudente) is set up and whose collection amounted to $23 465 from just 70 donations with 22 being anonymous. And in the “things are not adding up and it is pretty obvious theory” the fundraiser’s aim was: “to help cover the medical billsfor my good friend Andrea Prudente.” But the BBC in its 3rd July article entitled “US woman denied termination in Malta: ‘I was terrified’” report we have it in black and white “Eventually the couple managed to secure an emergency medical evacuation to Spain paid for by their travel insurance.” This takes me to two quotes by Mark Twain which I am going to put together: “A lie can travel way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” but “Always tell the truth. That way you don’t have to remember what you said” to the media so that then you are caught in your own lies.

So they had enough money to travel all the way from the States to Malta stay on a holiday (albeit cut short) travel back to Spain in an emergency medical evacuation paid by their travel insurance go back to the States open a court case to which their presence I presume would be needed (or not?) but then poor beings they needed to raise $23 465?

“Things are not adding up and it is pretty obvious theory.”

And while they keep on trying to tarnish Malta and its health care they still admitted on the description of the gofundme page that Malta has a “top-notch health care” system.

To all those who are speaking up about this “things are not adding up and it is pretty obvious theory” including doctors gynaecologists politicians and all those celebrants of life including those who took it to our streets to speak in favour of the rule of law I salute you. Do not take heed of this emotional manipulation in the modus operandi of narcissists with their gaslighting and blame-shifting.

People who have narcissistic personality disorder cannot tolerate the idea that they might be to blame so they accuse someone else instead.
What other signs are there? There are many but I will tackle a few. They try to make you feel guilty play the victim and reject all accountability. Jay has resorted to calling those who are questioning his actions bullies and saying that they are happily dancing on the grave of his daughter when doctors tried to save this daughter for whom he should be crying and beating his chest with cupped hands while repeating the mantra “Mia Culpa”! It is he and Prudente who should be feeling guilty and feeling accountable. They are no victims at all. The only victim in this saga is the little angel now in heaven.

In addition they turn their insecurities into the flaws of others; they try to embarrass or humiliate those who are questioning their actions while spreading lies about our doctors to paint them in a bad light.

But while this W(h)eeldreyer tries to dry this nation from values spirituality and morality the Maltese nation continues to upload its values. And hence I salute you!

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