In defence of Catholic Priests

Something that I hate is when people programmed by the same woke media generalise and condemn all priests because of the stories we had of priests sexually abusing children. We all agree that this is a condemnable immoral act and crime. But then we should also all agree that even having homosexual journalists hiring a homosexual or male sexually oriented like Abner Aquilina and paying him for sex is also condemnable. The difference is that one is given prominence and publicity and the other is not. Imagine if we have the headlines of homosexual journalists sexually abusing children. Would it cause the same outrage?

Well back in 2017 journalist and right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos defended “relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are” adding that “in the gay world some of the most enriching… relationships between younger boys and older men can be hugely positive experiences.”

My point is that we should never over-generalise. There are good priests and there are bad priests just like there are good churches and bad churches good schools and bad schools. Why am I stating so? I am now going to show you how some of these institutions were either set up by the Woke so that they hide behind their facade or were infiltrated by the Woke abusing of the genuine traits of those who run these institutions. The theme I am going to go back to is transgenderism.

In Washington a Catholic medical school [it could have been a Buddhist or a Hinduist for me for that matter] is now teaching gender-transition therapies where guest lecturer Dr. Reitman who happened to be a pediatrician an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics who oversees the student health center at American University and who happened to be the founder of the LGBT Health Initiative at George Washington University is advocating “for the use of puberty blockers feminizing and masculinizing hormone treatments and irreversible sex-transition surgeries that pose serious risks.”[1]

In a required first-year Human Sexuality course he told students that for many “trans” patients suffering from gender dysphoria “the only way to help them is to ‘fix’ their bodies.”

A former medical student who took his course objected to his claims clearly outlining the irreversible and dangerous risks added to an otherwise physically healthy child if hormone treatments are started while referring to physiologic risks associated with hormone treatments.

But then on the opposing side we have another Catholic pediatrician Dr. Michelle Cretella former executive director of the American College of Pediatricians slamming the content of the courses while claiming that the medical school is “complicit in the chemical castration and sterilization of children ” because “so-called transgender medical and surgical interventions do exactly that to all who undergo them.”

“Cretella is also on the board of Advocates for Children which provides many resources for parents and the general public to learn the truth about transgenderism.”

And then we have the same media which finds no scruples in having the transgender singer Jordan Gray getting naked while live on tv and playing the piano with “her penis” with a lot of “one eyes” in the background which is one of the symbols of the Illuminati:

And here are footages of how drag queens have been on an upward trend in America when it comes to young kids in schools and libraries learning about gender fluidity and diversity:

Some churches are also embracing drag queens and even inviting them to preach to the congregation:

The Woke obviously tells you that it is all about gender rights and freedom.

Now have a look at this soul-moving clip which shows famous highly-gifted athletes like Kaka that are not ashamed to declare their love for Christ. Using your talent and winning is not a problem as long as your heart is in the right place and putting God first in a culture that idolises sport.
These superstars gifted and rich as they are remained humble walking in the footsteps of Christianity proud to declare their love for Christ in front of the whole world. Watch how when they testify Jesus Christ live on tv the same media cuts them out.

Watch how the media tampers with the footages of champions who believe and proclaim Christ:

You can be famous and still shine for Jesus. You can be a priest a nun single a married couple divorced separated a scientist a doctor a journalist a politician a gay a lesbian a transgender or a drag queen and you can still be a living witness of Jesus.

I remind you that while Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house and many tax collectors and sinners came and joined in the dinner the Pharisees asked the disciples how come Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners. And on hearing them Jesus promptly and fearlessly answered: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous but sinners.”

Forget about the hatred of the world. Jesus loves you: “If the world hated you remember they hated me first” Christ said in John 15:18.

And the more the Woke rebukes Jesus the more we call upon His name. There is something that is so unique and special in Jesus that it happens that all religions mention Him while Anton LaVey’s set up the Satanic Church and Satanic Religion was purposefully set up to oppose Him while claiming Satan as god. And while we have it in black and white that the Free Mason’s true colour revolves around the worship Lucifer then what are the true colours of the Leftists the Liberals and the Woke?

Satan is the god who is running the world but the world cannot see it yet. This is why we have the materialistic corrupt world we have today while blinding the minds of those who don’t believe who are unable to see the glorious light of the good news and who don’t understand the message about the glory of Christ. Satan makes sure he keeps you out of trouble giving everything you desire so that you will never turn to God.

Hence my appeal to the public is to not over-generalise and have the antennae raised for the media’s agendas in its quest to wash your brain while it washes its hands like Pilate.

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