Dr. Joseph Mizzi appeals to parents to safeguard the children but failed to appeal to his congregation to safeguard itself from the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

Pediatrician Joseph Mizzi has made an appeal to parents to keep the children at home and not send them to activities especially those during this festive season when they are unwell (running nose fever cough etc) so that we think of each other and prevent illness from spreading since at the moment there is a lot of respiratory illness.

So far no harm. Actually this is common sense.

What Dr Mizzi does not add is that he runs “Just for Catholics” which as per its website it is “an evangelical and evangelistic ministry – evangelical (or Protestant)” situated in Msida. If one visits the website one finds his biography:


What Dr Mizzi should add is that he was the one to push and encourage the uptake of the Covid-19 vaccines without knowing what’s behind them. Did Dr Mizzi encourage parents to give the lethal Covid-19 vaccines to their children?

It is clear that Dr Mizzi thinks that the Covid-19 vaccines are heaven sent and he rejects the fact that these Covid-19 vaccines are a lethal instrument with acute subacute and long term consequences.

Moreover when a follower tried to warn Dr. Mizzi about such vaccines he called them [and I have the screenshot] “dramatic conspiracy theories” “outlandish claims” and “God will recognise us accordingly.” Surely God will.

Dear Dr Mizzi the solution to this affront to God is the rejection of fear and isolation and the deepening of one’s faith in God’s ubiquitous omnipresence. For this reason one should not only refuse experimental vaccines but one should not even encourage them in the name of religious propaganda.

All those pastors or whoever and I am now referring even to those worldwide who are failing in guiding their audience congregations and followers about the diabolical plan behind the Covid-19 vaccines and the genocide that they are creating should resign because one cannot drink from the cup of the Lord and from the cup of the devil!

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