Apart from electric cars why isn’t Miriam Dalli telling the Maltese nation about battery passports and digital licenses?

We know about vaccine passports and Digital IDs but what they aren’t telling you is that the World Economic Forum wants to apply these to your vehicles too which goes back to the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) founded by the same WEF in 2017. In this GBA we find the UN UNICEF UNECA The World Bank and BP the greatest oil spiller and the Climate Works Foundation among others.

The purpose is to prepare “battery passports” for electric vehicles. The GBA has envisioned “a global solution to provide transparency accountability and circularity in the battery value chain” so that “the battery passport will both certify compliance with greenhouse gas emission legal and societal expectations.” The passports will include a digital ID framework to track performance and carbon footprints for ESG purposes:
The Ecosystem of these “battery passports” looks like this:

“A global reporting framework to govern rules around measurement auditing and reporting of ESG parameters across the battery value chain.”
“A digital ID for batteries containing data and descriptions about the ESG performance manufacturing history and provenance as well as advancing battery life extension and enabling recycling.”

“Harmonizing of digital systems collaborating across the value chain to report data into the batter passport.”

“A digital platform that will collect exchange collate and report data among all authorized lifecycle stakeholders to advance a sustainable value chain for electric vehicle (EV) and stationary batteries. It will transparently report progress toward global goals along the battery value chain to inform policy-making for governments the civil society and develop performance benchmarks.”

“A quality seal for batteries based on the data reported into the platform to facilitate responsable purchasing by consumers.”

In a nutshell you must say goodbye to your vehicular freedoms too. In the meantime some American states have started the implementation of “Digital Drivers License”. For example in Utah the Driver License Division has started a pilot project with mobile drivers’ licenses and I.Ds. The mobile IDs will be stored in an app which is being called secure by the division’s director Chris Caras. This will change the way you travel do banking buy alcohol and comply with traffic stops as a difference from the physical licenses or ID cards as you can choose what information you share. It is being hoped that this pilot project will open up to as many as thousands of Utahians so that it will then be made available to the rest of the state. And rest assured it will then be imposed on the rest of the states and the world.

Will all this include also your vaccine records? Will it eventually lead to the inclusion of your travel records which will all be tied to your social credit score system?

Everything is sold to you as “the protection of your privacy” of course while they slowly nibble at your right to be free and live free.

So when will Miriam Dalli inform the Maltese nation about this after driving the nation to buy electric vehicles?

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