Malta was enlisted as one of the greenest countries in the world as a reward for having turned into a Smart City with the government’s blessing.

The Twitter account with over a million followers was used as a platform by the World of Statistics to put together a list of the “The greenest countries in the world”.

And while one can understand to see nations truly full of greenery like Finland Switzerland and Iceland included in such a list to have Malta also included in such a list caused surprise and a shock.

It would not have raised eyebrows had Malta been listed on “The countries with most concrete in the world.”

Did the people behind such a list have a drink or two in their heads when they did so? Where is the greenery in Malta? Don’t we witness boxes of concrete being built next to each other so that people can be crammed like tinned sardines in tiny apartments for which they pay a loan for all their lives thanks to peanut salaries?

Didn’t we witness whole massacres of trees one after the other in the last ten years? Aren’t we witnessing entire fields being destroyed with the excuse of building wider roads which are still not improving the nightmarish traffic fiasco? Don’t we witness the entire destruction of fields in order to have the continuous building of one concrete tower after the other of the much applauded property industry for the sake of the economy or to give fat cats their promised business?

So it is apt for us to wonder why was Malta “rewarded” with such an admission. My analysis takes me to two reasons. First Malta is being rewarded for mothering a nation that is morbidly obedient. The second Malta is being rewarded for having been turned into one of the World Economic Forum’s smart cities scattered around Europe as per their agenda. Because if you think about Malta isn’t Malta one big city? Isn’t Malta devoid of nature and trees? Isn’t Malta crammed and overpopulated? Isn’t Malta a jungle of concrete? Doesn’t Malta have no place where to hide which makes the tracking of people easier?

Malta gives foreigners the impression that we are free but are we truly free when we are the most imprisoned nation in an overpopulated country burdened with a shoddy standard of living and always on the edge with a livid temper driven by frustration? Are we truly free when we live in a concrete Island prison?

And aren’t we seeing the importation of people into Malta who are lured with jobs thus creating a new social global class for the precariat while everything is done under light surveillance? And on the other hand haven’t we heard of how the government will be importing British bus drivers to Malta with higher pay than that of the Maltese bus drivers? Have the Maltese become second-class citizens for the government?

Is the government of the idea that since the Maltese population is not reproducing enough and on its own at the same level that it used to Malta is running short of workers? Is this why more workers are being imported so to fill such a vacuum for the sake of progress and the economy? But to what detriment? At what cost? Or is it that due to the post-Covid19 vaccine roll-out “died suddenly” phenomenon the workforce is running out of workers?

If the answer to all of the above questions is “yes” then the conclusion is that Malta is a Smart City having been used unofficially to be turned to such a city in an unofficial “pilot project” very well hidden under the official agenda thanks to shrewd methods and ways deployed by politicians to drive the unknowing masses to the planned finish line and which become possible by the cast of votes for the same politicians by the same masses.

And this is why Malta is getting “rewards”.

X (Formerly Twitter)