Dr Suzanne Humphries questions traditional vaccines and explains how there has never been a safe vaccine – part 2.

“If indeed it [the vaccine] is such a miraculous product we wouldn’t be noticing how miraculous it is but they say that we are just too stupid to notice that this is killing people maiming people; that we are too stupid to notice that it’s miraculous. I think that that is a lot of the argument: we’re just too stupid to notice how miraculous this is. So to protect everybody we’d better – they’re going to give it to us anyway.

No vaccine increases the health of the population because vaccines do not increase the health of a human being. There’s nothing in the vaccine that our bodies actually require – we don’t require aluminium we don’t require mercury polysorbate 80 we don’t require formaldehyde and those are some of the things that are commonly in the vaccines.So there’s no nutritive effect of a vaccine. So I don’t believe that vaccines create health in a population and I believe that there are always better ways to deal with diseases in a population than vaccinating everybody.

It is always a gamble. You need to pick each side you’re gonna run with. Then you have to believe in it and run with it. So if you’re going to believe in vaccines then you need to believe in them and do it. I don’t believe in vaccines. I don’t even believe a little bit in vaccines. I believe that they can do more harm to me in a way that I will never going to be able to make for and I know that I am capable my immune system is capable of handling diseases and that I can enhance my immune system that I can give my immune system the nutrients that it needs that I can avoid the circumstances and situations that would expose me to different diseases. So that is my approach and so far it is taking the odds to me personally. The odds are in not vaccinating and having some wisdom about how these diseases occur and doing what I can to not contract it and be ready if I do contract it to deal with whatever happens.

Nutrition was one of the biggest reasons for the problems in the susceptibility and the death rate for diseases. Other problems included a lack of hygiene and inadequate clean water supplies.

So what I believe is that Bill Gates and the billionaires of the world could really get together much the way the wealthy did in the UK and the USA – it was the wealthy that did the most of these changes – that if they had to get together and they could not only end world hunger but they could be planting sustainable gardens and that they could be enhancing the water supplies – now they do a little of that but I think they could do enough of it that the third world could change as far as disease susceptibility.

For example smallpox became such a benign disease as humanity became healthier that it’s almost indistinguishable from chicken pox and it wasn’t killing people anymore by the 1900s and that happened not because of the vaccines and we showed that that couldn’t possibly happen from the vaccination based on the vaccination rates when people were dropping dead left right and centre at the highest vaccination rates and then when towns like Leicester revolted and said they were no longer going to vaccinate but just going to base their treatments on isolation and sanitation and they stopped vaccinating and their mortality rate and their actual smallpox rates plummeted.

And there were doom and gloom predicted for those people; that they were going to start a fire upon the planet of illness that was going to be worst than the black plague and it never happened. In fact they continued to be a town that had some of the best infant mortality rates and some of the lowest smallpox rates. Nobody knows how these vaccines were made what animals they came from and what could have landed in them. It could have possibly eradicated any disease whatsoever but it’s an obvious ludicrous fantasy that the smallpox vaccine eradicated smallpox which was one of the things that kept on being overly told to me by colleagues around me when I was complaining that the flu vaccine has been causing problems in my own patients.

I was told that smallpox was eradicated by the smallpox vaccine and polio was eradicated by the polio vaccine. So I decided to look at polio a little more closely and again what I found was absolutely and completely opposite of everything that I’ve been told throughout my medical education.”

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