Will Pfizer be recalling all its Covid-19 vaccines considering that it has recalled shipments of its blood pressure drug Accupril admitting that it contained a cancer-causing compound?

Last April Pfizer recalled some shipments of its blood pressure drug Accupril as well as authorized generic versions of the medication saying that a cancer-causing compound known as nitrosamine in those lots exceeded the acceptable daily intake level.[1]Pfizer voluntarily recalled five batches of these tablets after discovering elevated levels of a potential cancer-causing agent in the medicine.

The pharmaceutical company stated that it was not aware of any reports of adverse events associated with the recalled batches which were distributed in the United States and Puerto Rico from December 2019 to April 2022. It is always so innocent!

Pfizer Canada also recalled all three Accupril doses after the same impurity was discovered to be above acceptable levels. Pfizer stated that there was no immediate risk to patients taking the medication that contained the agent. It added that nitrosamines are common in water and food but long-term exposure at levels above acceptable levels may increase the risk of cancer. Pfizer also recalled some batches of Accuretic and two authorized cheaper versions last month due to the presence of the possible carcinogen.

Serious scientific studies and inquiries should start about all the medication that this company has produced.  This is the same giant pharmaceutical company which is in bed with governments and made vaccines off taxpayer money and which is shielded from liability from its customers by the same governments.

It is a pity that it is not recalling its Covid-19 vaccines which made basic human liberties contingent upon their consumption. This pharmaceutical cartel cannot be trusted with medication let alone with vaccines.


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