Since we are locally witnessing young people dying suddenly from heart attacks the propaganda machine of The Times of Malta is now trying to minimise the seriousness of the matter.

On October 21st TOM sugar-coated these occurrences and normalised them with its article “Heart check-ups are not just for the middle-aged cardiologist warns”.[1]

The media quotes cardiology specialist Mark Abela warning that even young people are “not immune to heart disease” “urging those with a family history of cardiac problems to be mindful of their heart health.”

“Abela spoke to Times of Maltaafter a 22-year-old diedwhile playing football last week after suffering what is believed to have been cardiac arrest.  Since then another young man has been reported dead although the cause of death has not been confirmed.”

Hence we have a local confirmation from the media and the medical field that Malta is experiencing heart attacks in young people.

“NGOs as well as the sports minister reacted to news of the football pitch death by calling for better access to defibrillators – potentially life-saving devices that are designed to help those who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest.”

First we fearmonger the masses then we drive herds to take a lethal covid-19 vaccine while making fun of those who have been raising the alarm then we start witnessing sudden deaths due to heart attacks and then we normalise the heart attacks by blaming them on the family medical history and the lack of or lack of access to defibrillators.

And now “there have also been calls for first aid and basic life support training to become mandatory in schools.” First chaos is created then we try to bring order in again. And then we blame the individuals themselves for failing to do an ECG screening:

“It is also crucial that those with a family history of hereditary heart problems get screened regularly.”

“We don’t want to alarm people… a cardiac arrest in a young individual is a rare phenomenon ” Abela said.

Is this correct when the world is experiencing an avalanche of sudden deaths in young people due to cardiac arrest? Is this correct when we are being barraged with an overload of media articles of young people dying suddenly and unexpectedly?

“ECGs should however be considered as part of a routine evaluation in young individuals. Earlier diagnosis may prevent problems. We can save a life by being more aware that young people can still run into problems.”

We save a life when we undo the medical indoctrination and stop people from taking the Covid-19 lethal injection. But now the damage has been done and it is too late.

Then the focus turned on non-competitive athletes citing a study in France reporting “over 95 per cent of exercise-related cardiac arrests happened in non-competitive athletes.” This study is part of the counter-narrative. Exercise-related? I have been doing exercise alone for over 25 years and I have never experienced a cardiac arrest. The world of professional sports is witnessing cardiac arrests in professional athletes let alone.

Abela said that these non-competitive athletes often train alone in areas that may not be well equipped in case of cardiac arrest.

So let us start equipping each place so in case a vaccinated athlete has a cardiac arrest there is a small percentage of being able to revive him. And who will use this equipment? Are we going to have knowledgeable staff in each place in each school in each institution and in each building? Again the masonic “Order out of Chaos” makes sense here too.

Abela recommended people consider an ECG when symptoms include loss of consciousness chest pain breathing issues and very bad dizzy spells.
So I advise anyone who has felt this way after taking the Covid-19 vaccines to go and have an ECG even if such symptoms are no longer felt and when you do please show your Covid-19 vaccination proof.

Then the same Times of Malta is to follow up with an article stating the number of young people who booked an ECG how many were diagnosed with a heart-related issue and how many of those were vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine.


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