The UN also wants to introduce a digital identifier with access to all important aspects of life.[1]

In November 2020 in an article on its website entitled “UN Digital ID- A Building Block for UN Digital Cooperation” the UN states that the UN Digital Solutions Centre (UN DSC) has developed an innovative digital identity solution for UN personnel.

This pilot project’s aim was to “create a suite of digital solutions that can be shared among UN Agencies to transform common business operations and streamline time-consuming transactional tasks”. “The UN Digital ID is a digital wallet for UN personnel for their personal Human Resources medical travel security payroll and pension data kept over time from onboarding into the UN to parting or retirement.”

The video states that the “UN is ready to digitally transform how it deals with identity.” Thus it is introducing the UN Digital ID where all of the UN employees’ personal HR medical travel security payroll and pension data will be in the palm of one’s own hand giving one full control of what to share and with who. This is all empowered by different agencies including the UN Joint Staff Pension Fund which replaces current manual processes with certainty for who and where pension recipients say they are at any given time. Imagine you have just joined the UN. You use the mobile app to obtain a digital wallet [using a live photo of your face] accessible to you via biometrics even better than a physical ID card. In this you can store all your credentials issued by any UN organization in your digital wallet. Here you will have immediate access to core certificates medical records from allergies to vaccinations and travelling data.

This is the way the UN is selling Digital IDs because according to the same UN this is a way of improving how we manage our identity online.
The article also states that “This solution helps to solve the problem of data fragmentation helping the UN system streamline information sharing daily workflows and access to platforms and buildings facilitating operations across Agencies.

The technology behind the UN Digital ID has been piloted by different Agencies including UN Pension Fund where they’ve replaced current manual processes with certainty for who and where pension recipients say they are at any given time.”
Is this a sneak peek into how all the people of the world are being headed to? If one had to have a look at the publication released on April 21st 2020 by the Rockefeller Foundation entitled “National Covid19 Testing Action Plan – Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities” one finds written:

“Privacy concerns must be set aside for Covid-19 allowing the ‘infection status’ of most Americans to be ‘accessed and validated’ in required settings and many voluntary ones. Those screened must be given a ‘unique patent identification number’ that would link to information about a patient’s viral antibody and eventually ‘vaccine status’ under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions.”

For all of us who are aware of the agenda behind Covid-19 we all know that this is referring to the Digital ID and that it has been in the globalists’ plan long before this testing action plan was published.

Doesn’t this mirror the EU Digital ID and also that enrolled by the Greek Government? How much time needs to pass until it starts being enrolled in other countries?


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