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What are the new rules imposed by Germany that became effective as of October 1st? The German government has officially announced that new nationwide Coronavirus protection measureswill be implemented this autumn and winter.

The announcement came after the German Bundestag approved a proposal from the Ministry of Health on September 8 that called for new COVID measures to be implemented.The new ordinance which was approved by the Bundestag will go into effect on October 1 and will be in effect until April 7 2023 according to[1]According to I Am Expat Germany the adopted package of requirements is intended to both prepare and protect Germany from the spread of the COVID pandemic as the country enters the autumn and winter seasons. According to the new regulations all people over the age of 14 will be required to wear an FFP2 mask on long-distance trains in Germany beginning October 1.

Children aged six to thirteen will also be required to wear a face mask on long-distance trains. They do not however need to wear an FFP2 mask because a surgical face mask will suffice.

While masks will be required on long-distance trains this will not be the case for planes and airports. Domestic and international flights will not require passengers to wear a face mask. However it has been noted that if the number of COVID-19 infection cases increases

this rule may change. One needs to remember that they change the rules as they please because they first make the rules themselves so that they can be the ones to break them.

According to I Am Expat starting October 1 Coronavirus regulations began to be tightened in hospitals and nursing homes.

All hospital and nursing home employees and visitors are being required to wear an FFP2 mask as soon as the new rules go into effect. Furthermore visitors are being requested to present a negative rapid test whereas staff must test three times per week.

The above-mentioned rules apply across the country and federal states will be able to implement additional rules on an individual basis depending on the local COVID situation.

Individual states have the authority to impose mask requirements in public transportation other public indoor areas and secondary schools. They are also able to conduct testing in schools and daycare centers.

It has been explained that if a state decides to make masks mandatory in various public places and events they can always implement exemptions. People who can show a recent negative test a recent infection or a COVID jab within the last three months may be exempt from wearing a face mask.

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