Our public state “education” has gone woke.

Woke is being more ingrained in our schooling system and the woke schooling has infiltrated our elementary and secondary classrooms. Some parents as should be are becoming concerned as a post I have come across on Facebook shows. This post depicts new books which are being taught to children in the seventh grade under the umbrella of “sexual education”. The post reads the following:

Some replies to this post were the following:

The photos of the books that the parent attached and added to her post are the following:

It is clear that our schools have turned into woke schools and are indoctrinating your children prepping them for the woke ideologies. Our schools have turned into vessels for the woke propaganda first by introducing the acceptance of binary pronouns and now with this crap.

What kind of sexual education is this? Who chose such books? Who consented for the implementation of such books in the classrooms? Can the education department and education minister clarify? I was informed that these books are being used in all public state schools. Private schools have a choice.

Did teachers show their concern? Is there anyone who is speaking up for our children?

It is time for conservative parents to raise their voices show their concern and say “Stop!” to all this. It is time that conservative parents show their disapproval and that they do not consent. Ideally they should withdraw their children from this woke movement before it is too late. Children are becoming the property of the government.

In America leftist activists can break into one’s house with bullhorns film you in the bathroom loot your business and burn down police stations. No governmental action is taken.

However if conservative parents speak up at a school board meeting they are labeled as terrorists.

The rule of law has died.
The law is dead.

Children are a precious gift from God. As adults we have the privilege and responsibility to care for them pray for all children’s protection and safety and help children around us live the full and abundant life God desires for them.

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