Can the Local Health Authorities come up with a Scientific Explanation as to what is causing the Local Sudden Deaths?

Sadly within a week of the sudden death of 22-year-old Justin Tabone who died after collapsing on the St Aloysius football pitch with a heart attack the local media reported another sudden death.

This time it was that of Jeanluke Galea Duca a healthy 28-year-old newlywed who was found dead in his home by his father and his wife Rebecca in the late morning on Tuesday 18th October.

LovinMalta just brushed through the tragic news with the focus being on what the tributes of the deceased friends and aunt were.[1]

The Times however decided to write in some detail. In its article dated 19thOctober it started by questioning whether Jeanluke was healthy or not. How? It put the word “healthy” in inverted commas in both its title (‘Healthy’ 28-year-old man dies four months after the wedding day) and in the first sentence:

“Tributes have been pouring in for a “healthy” 28-year-old man who died suddenly at his home on Tuesday four months after marrying his childhood sweetheart.”[2]

Hence the Times is shifting the cause of death towards the possibility that Jeanluke was not healthy even though it reported Jeanluke’s usher Sheldon Scicluna stating:

“He was a healthy man ” he said. “He did not smoke and he exercised regularly. That’s why we can’t accept it. I will never forget him. His loss is huge”.

How dare the Times twist and doubt such a statement in order to instil doubt in people’s minds and spirits about whether Jeanluke was healthy or not so that his sudden death does not raise suspicions?

On the contrary the Malta Daily confirmed that JeanLuke was healthy:

“The two had gotten married four months ago but their loving marriage was cut short after Jean Luke was found dead despite being a healthy young man.”[3]

According to the Times “The cause of death is not known.”[4]The Malta Daily disclosed that no cause for his sudden passing has been found:

“The grief was shared by many people who are still baffled over the sudden passing to which no cause has as of yet been found.”

Since an autopsy had to take place on Thursday 20thOctober together with a magisterial inquiry [5]I refrained from writing before because as should be I wanted to wait for the autopsy’s results for the inquiry to be closed and for the body of this beautiful soul to be laid at rest. However no media published what the autopsy and the magisterial inquiry had concluded. Was it because there was no follow-up? Was it out of respect toward his family’s wish for privacy about the cause of death? Or was it because the media does not want to give the public the truth?

What is the truth? The truth is that I happened to have a colleague who knew Jeanluke well. And during our break when the subject fell on Jeanluke this colleague informed us that the autopsy had revealed that the sudden death was caused due to a heart attack. When the family asked what caused the heart attack it was told that heart attacks are induced by many factors.

Was the culprit the elephant in the room mentioned as one of those factors? If we keep on connecting the dots can we keep on pinpointing this factor that no one wants to speak about?

Such stories make me truly sad. To conclude I am going to publish some thoughts of those who commented:

No you are not being paranoid. Your observation is correct because the world is indeed witnessing a sharp unusual spike in unexpected deaths of young people with Malta included.

[And my brother died after seven months on Sunday he was digging the foundations and on Monday he died.]

[What’s happening? So many people of a young age are dying without having anything. And then they come and tell you that they had something in their heart like what happened in my uncle’s case. And from where is this heart problem coming? Has everybody started suffering from a heart problem since we took the vaccines?] And then you find those incredulous for whom this is unfounded guesswork since there is no reflective data:

It also seems that anyone who is against the Covid-19 vaccines’ narratives whether the persons are doctors scientists researchers or not is a “con artist”:

And don’t you dare say that vaccines are killing people because you are not only disrespecting others but it is the product of unfounded guesswork:

In order to have answers can the local health authorities consult their highly praised and “trustworthy” science and explain what is causing these sudden deaths by coming up with a plausible scientific explanation? I am sure their “trustworthy” science has the answer.


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