The World Economic Forum and the UN have signed an agreement in order to accelerate Agenda 2030. Why the hurry?

On 13thJune 2019 in New York the World Economic Forum and the United Nations signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030 as can be read in the article on the WEF same website: “World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework:”[1]

“The UN-Forum Partnership was signed in a meeting held at United Nations headquarters between UN Secretary-General António Guterres and World Economic Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agendafor Sustainable Development.”

Why is there such haste? What are they fearing?

This strategic partnership focuses on the following areas:
1. Financing the 2030 Agenda: Increasing long-term SDG investments requires mobilizing systems and accelerating financial flows toward the 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. [meaning impose such goals which they agree about (whether you do or not is irrelevant) on the nations and tax them heavily. Meaning wealth transfer from the people.]

2. Climate Change: Achieve unambiguous quantifiable and public pledges by the private sector to become carbon neutral by 2050 support the development of public-private platforms in significant high-emitting industries and scale up the services needed to prepare for the effects of climate change. [instead they started with the culling of millions of farm animals and farmers. No wonder 100 years ago Stalin had called farmers “the enemies of the people” and when it expropriated them the state back then could take control of food production. Consequently 7 million Russians were starved to death. Now the WEF has started the “war on farmers”. Can you see the similarities?]

3. Health: Support countries in achieving good health and wellbeing for all in line with the 2030 Agenda with a focus on the most important new risks to global health that call for increased multistakeholder cooperation and action. [How are they planning this? With more of the gene-editing experimental vaccines like Covid-19 ones? With the two-in-one deadly concoction of covid and flu vaccines? Yearly boosters? By mocking censoring and banning natural health? By controlling a person’s medical history through the digital ID wallet? By imposing on the people a lifestyle according to the carbon footprint score? Remember that as I had pointed out in another blog the British government is already giving cash incentives bonuses and discount coupons to people who eat more fruit and vegetables. Albeit this looks positive what’s worrying is the fact that the same government is monitoring the fruits and vegetable intake of those people who are abiding by this via a registered government app and it is also monitoring the supermarket spending of the family. This means that your free will and freedom have been put down the drain.]

4. Digital cooperation: Meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through digital cooperation while working to improve global analysis discussion and standards for digital governance and inclusivity. [meaning welcome to the Artificial Intelligence world. Meaning you will be microchipped. Meaning the government will monitor all your moves digitally and what you can and cannot do. Meaning we are entering the transhumanism era.]

5. Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women: Encourage multi-stakeholder coalitions and partnerships for women’s full participation and equal opportunities at all levels of decision-making as well as for their productive participation in the labour force. In addition promote equal pay for work of equal value both between and within sectors and occupations. [How are they going about this? By pushing for the transgender and LGBTIQ agenda? Is their dehumanisation of women part of this as I have written about already? And why is the focus here on the participation of women in the labour force? Are women just being regarded as an economical machine? Is this their idea of empowerment? What about women as the carriers of life in their sacred portal which is the womb? God created men and women equal. It is society and stale doctrine which created the divide. This “empowerment of women” is an insult because women are being told that they lack power. Women like men are born with inner power and whole. Only when growing up they become fragmented and give their power away because society and doctrine dictate so.]

6. Education and skills: Encourage public-private partnerships to address lifelong learning and global reskilling for the demands of the future workforce and provide young people with the skills they need for success in life and a quality job. [meaning they will continue to school you and mould you into a homogeneous drone incapable of self-thought and critical thinking that the state approves of. To avoid becoming a danger to the status quo you will be taught to repeat facts rather than develop your own original thought. After getting your accolades you will get this “quality 40 hr+ week job with a miserable pay according to the workforce needs” and pay taxes to maintain the indentured servitude system used by corporations. In between pray that you won’t be made redundant by their Artificial Intelligent projects. This is their way of selling you externalized linear success.]

When you realize that our governments work for the World Economic Forum everything starts making more sense.


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