The WHO admits that it has overdone it with Covid-19 swab testing and that it needs to learn.

The National Post published an article whereby it reports how health officials in some nations have debated the value of repeated mass testing referring to the swab tests especially considering the billions it costs when it comes to containing infections.[1][too late now especially when we know that such testing has not stopped and is still going on. And one thing I cannot truly understand is why do we have vaccinated people who still do swab tests for Covid-19. Don’t they have faith in their Covid-19 vaccination?]

The most notable of these nations is Denmark which was an early proponent of one of the most widespread COVID testing programs in the world. Now lawmakers are seeking a thorough investigation of the efficacy of that policy.  Isn’t this now a little bit too late considering that the swab tests are the main culprit of the start of Covid-19? If people hadn’t had cotton swabs thrust up their noses or down their throats to test for COVID-19 would we have had a pandemic?

Jens Lundgren professor of infectious diseases at Rigshospitalet University of Copenhagen and member of the government’s COVID advisory group said that “We’ve tested so much more than other countries that we might have overdone it.”  On the other hand Japan avoided large-scale testing and yet weathered the pandemic relatively well.   But the “zero-COVID” plan in China where the government has threatened to take action against critics nonetheless places a high priority on recurrent testing of entire towns. Mass testing in several large Chinese cities is still going on and this is being imposed by the Chinese government. Residents in Shangai are subject to swab tests every weekend. Here is a footage:

After the WHO advised nations to “test test test” all suspected cases Dale Fisher chair of the World Health Organization’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network stated that “We need to learn and no one did it perfectly.”  I guess for these agencies and so-called “experts” to have some foresight is rare and far-fetched!

According to the National Post “WHO guidelines have never recommended mass screening of asymptomatic individuals – as is currently happening in China – because of the costs involved and the lack of data on its effectiveness.” So why were asymptomatic individuals allowed to be tested and why did many succumb to this fallacy and went with their own free will to be tested? Aren’t worldwide governments following the WHO or do they follow a pick-and-choose attitude?

‘A review published in Medical Virology in late March on the use of rapid tests for people without symptoms in mass screening initiatives found “uncertainty” over their impact.’

‘“The claim was that (mass testing) would stop the pandemic in its tracks and that it would cut transmission by 90%. And it hasn’t ” said Angela Raffle a senior lecturer at Bristol University Medical School who has worked with the UK’s National Screening Committee.”’

Doesn’t this all point to the fact that governments might have overdone it when it comes to the swab tests? Isn’t it clear that swab tests have shown that Covid-19 is more “dangerous” than it is in reality?

Considering that the claim was that mass testing would stop the pandemic in its tracks and it hasn’t can I ask why swab tests are still being used by the local authorities up to this day? Shouldn’t swab tests have ended with the vaccination roll-out and with the Covid exit roadmap?

Is the stopping of swab testing for Covid-19 in the plans of our government or is it keeping it for future ulterior motives which we can only guess what they are?


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