The man-made climate change hoax has no scientific basis and is being used to guide humanity into a new totalitarian global system.

In an interview regarding climate change Bill Gates who “coincidentally” happens to be the founder of Breakthrough Energy Foundation stated:
“As we draw people into these ‘first movers’ coalition those are companies that are willing to both design projects that will scale these things up and bring costs down be customers of those green products. We need all the leading companies to come into ‘first movers’ and then we have to fund projects actually literally this year in the hard areas that includes green hydrogen direct air capture fuel for aviation and long duration storage. So I think the World Economic Forum is a place where governments and leading businesses can come together.”

When asked how they plan to get governments and private companies to comply with the climate agenda he replied that they will be regulated and taxed into submission. Shouldn’t “governments” be changed to “citizens”?

In an interview with the Spanish publication[1] the billionaire predicted a 50% chance that another pandemic will occur in the next 20 years due to “climate change”. He stated:

“The human population is growing and we are invading more and more ecosystems. That is why I calculate that there is a 50 percent chance that we will have a pandemic of natural origin in the next 20 years as a consequence of climate change ” noting that the pandemic could be a type of coronavirus a type of flu or “something else.”

“It could be a virus made by man by a bioterrorist who designed it and intentionally circulated it. That is a very scary scenario because they could try to spread it in different places at once ” he said.

Gates suggested that “greater investment” was needed in international anti-virus efforts with an expansion of the World Health Organization (WHO) so he proposed a 25% increase in the WHO budget together with a team which he called Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization (GERM).
So apart from being the prophetic visionary of public health the Microsoft founder has also become the prophetic visionary of climate change and is also making nations believe that climate change is becoming a public health emergency and crisis. Since the WHO is the primary mechanism for dealing with health crises then pretty much everything will come under the jurisdiction of the same WHO.

Opening the June 6 to 16 meeting the UN climate change chief Patricia Espinosa said that “climate change is moving exponentially”. Times of Malta reported that “Governments have already accepted that climate change is a grave threat to humanity and the planet and have advocated immediate action to cut fossil fuel emissions and prepare for the growing impacts of warming.”[2]

Does this mean that they have accepted to be regulated and taxed? Will the citizens be regulated and taxed too while having their carbon footprint monitored via the QR Code or Digital ID Passport? In fact Sweden has now taken the first steps towards a Social Credit System as tech company has launched a credit card with a carbon footprint tracker. Further details are in this video:

Will banks be used in order to have people’s “carbon effect” credit card purchases monitored?

TOM added that given the current state of affairs it is improbable that the world will be able to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement’s pledge to keep warming “well below” two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and ideally 1.5C.

In another article called “Cars beef planes rubbish… the great bid to save Earth” TOM shared the news that it has partnered with the European Parliament Office and the European Commission Representation in Malta to answer climate-change dilemmas in three webinars about the EU Green Deal – humanity’s most significant effort yet to save the planet.[3]

These webinars saw politicians policymakers academics businesspeople and environment activists meet and unpack the jargon looking at what shape this Green Deal will take and how it will impact people’s lives in Malta.

I would like to ask TOM and all those who were present in these webinars if they have also discussed whether climate change is a guise for patented weather modification technology via geo-engineering and H.A.A.R.P. technology and whether they made a deep analysis of how the man-made climate change hoax which is being used to guide humanity into a new totalitarian global system has no scientific basis.


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