OUR Comino’s Blue Lagoon saw the second protest by Moviment Graffiti on Saturday 13thAugust while they fight the taking over of Comino by the Big Business Guys with the blessing of our authorities and government who should change its “PL” to “PPB” (Partit Pro-Business – the ex-mantra of Muscat). The “Malta Tagħna Lkoll” has never been and never will be. Instead it should be changed to “Malta tal-Businessmen biss” or “Malta ta’ Skont lil Min Taf”. Bil-flus tagħmel triq fil-baħar jgħid il-Malti. Forsi nistgħu nbiddluh f’ “Bil-flus tagħmel triq fil-baħar fuq l-art, fil-wied, fl-ajru u sa anki ġewwa Kastilja”.

This second protest was different from the first one because this time police officers stepped in “taking the side of beachgoers and deckchair operators”. “As tensions mounted Moviment Graffitti coordinator Andre Callus got into a heated argument with the officers. As they argued activists around them chanted “il-baħar ix-xatt Kemmuna ta’ kulħadd’ (“the sea the beach Comino belongs to everyone”).”

Moviment Graffiti coordinator Andre Callus “said that the protest was an organised one with a permit and that the police therefore had a duty to ensure the protest area was cleared for the event.”

““Despite that assurance when we arrived we found a few of them. And they kept on adding more. Look at what power these bullies have ” he told the crowd as he stood behind a banner reading “Comino belongs to everyone”.”

“Callus alleged that beachgoers present at the Blue Lagoon had been planted there.”

“”We received information about this yesterday and it turned out to be true ” he said as he made it clear that activists would be holding further protest events in Comino.”[1]

Shouldn’t the police be alongside Graffiti to defend what belongs by right to the whole Maltese nation? Why are they on the side of the businessmen the lawbreakers themselves allowing them to do whatever they want? It comes as no surprise to me. We must remember that during Covid-19 the police turned against the people fining them for not wearing masks fining them for not carrying on them the vaccine certificate and even knocking on people’s doors and entering their houses checking if they are inside the famous Gauci’s household bubble.

Here are some comments that people have left to which there is nothing more to add:

Malta is in a state of no return. It has become full of towers cranes and blocks and everywhere is crammed. Malta being small could have easily been turned into and kept as a haven. But greed and corruption have taken over values morals and respect towards its people. We do not even have the luxury to enjoy our little island which is ours by right and by birth!

And all those who are voting for these politicians and re-electing them are partially to blame. And all those who just grumble and do not act are also partially to blame. And all those who accept anything the government demands are partially to blame. And all those who went to vote for the PL last March are partially to blame! This is what happens when we become an accepting nation! A signor si nation! The government will keep on abusing us and mocking us because we are an accepting and mute nation! We are the same nation who have accepted the lockdowns the masks the bubbles the social distance and the vaccines.

When are we going to say stop to all this and revolt?

And if this continues most of us will not have any choice except to leave this island for good whether we want it or not! If not we will end up claustrophobic prisoners on a crammed little island.

How apt is Ayn Rand’s statement stated back in 1957 to Malta of 2022:

“When you see that in order to produce you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – When you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods but in favors – When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work and your laws don’t protect you against them but protect them against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – You may know that society is doomed”.

Malta is truly doomed.

Well done Moviment Graffiti and thank you!

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