Orthodox Jews have showed solidarity with Palestinians at a demonstration in London, UK. This is why I keep on hammering on the fact that it is very important that we do not fall for the agenda of divide and conquer, especially since as research will show you, one of the agenda of the Sabbatean Zionists is to spread Jew hatred and anti-Semitism.

What do we do? We push back and spread love. Because what is happening, is all part of the planned plan, as you will see in the series of the Sabbatean/Frankist Illuminati History.

Here is what the Orthodox Jews had to say:

Journalist to the first Orthodox Jew: “So what brings you here today?”

First Orthodox Jew: “To support Palestinian rights. We as Jews are embarassed by what’s happening there in the state of Israel, in the Jewish name.”

Journalist: “And what’s your message to the people of Palestine?”

First Orthodox Jew: “They shouldn’t give up the struggle. They should continue to fight and not give up their struggle against the state of Israel. By the end, Palestine will be free because this is the truth. It will succeed by the end.”

Journalist to the Second Orthodox Jew: “What’s your message to the people of Palestine?”

Second Orthodox Jew: “They should know that we feel very ashamed of what’s going on there especially since they’re doing everything in our name, in the name of Jews, in the name of the Torah, in the name of God. It’s all shameful. We are with you. You have to know. The Zionists are strong. We are weak. But God is on our side. At the end of the day, the Palestinian flag will be on all Palestine, from the river to the sea,”

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