Back to the Future does not just portray this attack but it develops into an elaborate warning about it.

Marty is carrying more essential information about it. She knows the exact time and date when the tower will be struck. Then when the tower is struck, a giant flame is ignited in the street. Marty knows exactly when and where this tower struck will happen because it is written in the flier:

but something lurks in the background overseeing this transaction – the ALL-SEEING EYE:

But why is there this symbol appearing in yet again another entertainment while Marty is forewarned about the towers struck?

Back to the Future was written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, first released in 1985, to depict the future of Octobe 2015. In the film, the Twin Towers seem to take place in October 2015 and the towers appear on a movie screen meaning the McFly family is watching a secretly-placed Twin Towers Movie released on October 2015 directed by the same Zemeckis. So, how could it be that in the real October 2015, a major Hollywood production that hit theatres worldwide, which was exclusively about the twin towers which happened to be directed by Robert Zemeckis? This movie was called The Walk, a new twin towers film which has the exact same release date of the secret twin towers’ film planted in Back to the Future, which exposed the symbolism of the pines and depicts the twin towers collapse.

So, why would Zemeckis now draw our attention to it with a major Hollywood reproduction? Back to the Future was released in 1985; The Walk in 2015 exposed this warning of thirty years. Marty writes this warning into a letter and keeps it shut, intending it to remain hidden for a specific amount of time.

The Walk is a reveal of the 9/11 warning given to Doc while he is rigging a giant wire to the twin tower represented by the clock tower. The Walk is about a plot to rig a giant wire to the twin towers! So, Marty records the warning while Doc is rigging the wire into the tower. Marty tells Doc he will understand the warning in thirty years and The Walk was released in 30 years from Back to the Future.

Thirty years later and the same director happened to make a movie abotu rigging a wire to a tower, the twin towers, because the warning within Marty’s letter is about the terrorist attack at the twin towers!

After rigging this wire, the tower struck takes place and then Marty McFly, from the future, runs out into the scene. He has just time-travelled here from October 2015, the release date of The Walk. But in The Walk, standing on top of the Twin Towers, is Marty McFly. This Marty has arrived here from the exact date that this Marty is standing.

Coincidence? Was it just a script, the product of a fertile imagination?

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