Father Murr: “Look, let me just tell you a quick story. Mancinia Moreno and I were walking in Rome. We walked by a group of transvestites.Very near to Saint Peter’s Basilica. I’m a layman at this time, I was only around 20 or 23 years old or so. And they started making cat calls at him because he had a Roman collar on, right? Those are passing by. And I turned to him and said to him ‘How can this such a thing happen in the very shadow of the Dome of St Peter Basilica?’ This is incredible! And he started laughing at me. He said, again, he called me naive which I was.

He said ‘You think this is bad? You should have to deal with the devils inside that basilica, inside that dome. You’re worried about the ones outside here in the street? He said I’m going to tell you something. Those five transvestites you saw, prostitutes waiting for somebody to pick them up, have a better chance of heaven than some of the men I work with daily.’

And I said how can that be? And he said, and he stopped, and he looked straight at me and told me ‘Look, where there’s the greatest good on Earth and we as Catholics believe that that happens to be with the successor of Saint Peter the Vicar of Christ on earth, where the greatest good on earth resides, don’t you think that the greatest evil is going to be right next door? What’s the matter with you? What’s the matter with you?’ I said ‘Well, of course, where’s the greatest evil going to be, in raging China?’ It’s going to be right across the hall.”

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