Joe McClane: “I think it’s a direct frontal attack on the institution Christ founded. And it makes the most sense because that would be the one he would want to corrupt. That’s his frontal attack. Now, can I bring aliens in?”

Father Murr: [laughing] “Sure!”

Joe McClane: “There seems to be a lot of effort today to get the American people to believe that there’s all this intelligent life coming in from outer space and they got the tic tac ships and all this stuff. I don’t subscribe to that personally. But I do subscribe to this: I do believe that there is advanced technology that the Deep State would love to use to their advantage, to keep their back pockets full, and their cronies in power. And I think that they would do that all day long and I also believe that the devil and his demons are happy to manipulate power hungry people; people who lust for money and power and control, people who lust to consume other people for their own personal gratification. I believe the demons will be happy to manipulate, their minds, their thoughts, their efforts, as much as possible, to make them believe this. But how many Catholics will buy into to this sort of manipulation? So, I see the demonic forces operating on every level, on a personal level, on a community level, on a societal level and a world level as well. How do you see these issues of supposedly aliens?”

Father Murr: “I see a lot of things today where it’s here, look over here, look at the birdie, look over here, look over there. What did our Lord say? He said at the end times be careful of people who say ‘look, he’s over here, look he’s over there. Look, look, look, over there he is!’ He said ‘Don’t you be fooled’. I go back to a great, great story in the New Testament when they see Christ walking on the water toward their boat. This must have freaked them out tremendously at Galilea. I mean, can you imagine this? And Peter says ‘If it is you Lord, bid me walk on the water with You.’ And the Lord said ‘Come, come.’ Peter gets out of the boat, without thinking, starts walking and he’s walking on water! He took a few steps on water. And then, all of a sudden, Peter, started looking to the right and to the left, and started seeing the waves getting higher, and the wind being stronger and he took his focus off of Christ Jesus. He took his focus off of the Lord, and began to sink.

What we have to do is discipline ourselves, and don’t take your focus off the Lord. It’s got to be on Him. Keep focused on Him and keep going forward. Walk on water. Don’t pay attention to the waves. Pay no attention to the wind. Pay no attention to the other apostles back in the boat calling you an idiot for thinking you can walk on water. Nope! Cut all that out! Focus on the goal and that’s Christ.”

Joe McClane: “Amen”.

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