The liberal media with its liberal and anti-Catholic and anti-Christian agenda gladly rolls up its sleeves whenever there is a case of a sexual abuse by a Catholic priest. It is a pity that they do not expose this sexual abuse to help the Church cleanses itself and remove the true satanic evil which has infiltrated the Church, including the Vatican. Instead, it uses the pick and choose modus operandi, in order to deceive the public and make it become cold towards the Church, and possibly God, while strengthening the liberal agenda and the liberals.

But then there was no article by the local and international mainstream media of thirty-eight-year-old Father Fernando de Lima Silva, of the Diocese of Caruaru via Crux, a Brazilian priest, who died on 13th March after saving a mother and a child from drowning in a lake in Bezerros, in Pernambuco State.

This sad news and heroic act was only reported on the Catholic portal Angelus, also called Angelus News, which is a weekly Catholic magazine published jointly by The Tidings Corporation and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the most populous diocese in the United States.

Apparently, the mother and her child were struggling to keep their heads above water following a boat accident. Shortly after bringing both to safety, Father Fernando apparently lost all strength and drowned, according to reports. A few witnesses told local newspapers about the events that led to Silva’s death. According to the news website NE10 Interior, the priest was in a small boat with a woman and a child when it capsized when the occupants stood up to take a photo.According to reports, the priest jumped into the water first and caught the child. Then he swam to save the mother, assisted by some bystanders. Silva was taken to a nearby hospital but was quickly pronounced dead.

Members of Silva’s parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, in the nearby city of Gravatá, were shocked to learn of his untimely death.

“All we know for now is that he saved a woman and her child before drowning.” “We don’t have any additional information on the case,” Caruaru diocesan chancellor Father Alosio Ricardo Aleixo told Crux. He added that he was ordained seven years ago and has always been diligent in his work with parishioners and members of remote communities, being completely devoted to his poor community.

It is needless to say, his death sparked outrage in Gravatá and his birthplace, Taquaritinga do Norte.

“We’ve received dozens and dozens of messages from people who liked him since he died,” Aleixo said.

According to Silva’s brother, Flávio Ferreira de Lima, the priest “would do it all over again, ten times if necessary.”

“He always loved his neighbor and never had to think twice before doing what he thought was right,” he explained to Crux.

“After going through a phase of partying in his younger years, Silva met a Charismatic Catholic Renewal community and joined it with his brother Flávio.

‘He used to tell people that Christ rescued him from that kind of life,’ Lima said.

His moral maturation during seminary didn’t change his joyful nature and his natural ability to attract the devotion of young people, his brother said.

‘He was very successful in drawing the youth to the Church. He worried about the need to renew the Church’s membership. But he did it naturally by showing people that a Catholic can be cheerful,’ Lima added.

The incident had a huge impact on their parents and two siblings, but the local Church has provided all the necessary support to the family, Lima said.

‘The help we got from the Church and the love shown by my brother’s community has allowed us to stay strong,’ he said.

Parishioner Viviane Henrique recalled that Silva’s motto as a priest was ‘The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep’, something that he always manifested, she said.

He has been encouraging his brothers’ parishioners to be inspired by his example and keep working for the community. ‘We cannot stop doing his work,’ the priest’s brother said.”

And yet, this act of heroism by a Catholic priest was not reported all over the world by worldwide media portals. The local media must have not come across it. Had it been a case of sexual abuse, rest assured that we would have been bombarded about it, with some twist of the story along the way. Had it been a case where a priest has to be persecuted in order to appease a fomented agenda, then we would be hearing about it from dusk till dawn.

I am sure Newsbook follows Angelus, and other church media portals, being the local media of the Archdiocese of Malta. After all, it needs to be up-to-date with what is going in the Catholic Church, no? Newsbook should not be partaking in any anti-Catholic agenda, no? Instead, it should be a mouthpiece to guide people in getting closer to Christ, no? But for some mysterious reason, such act of heroism by a Brazilian Catholic priest must have evaded it.

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