“[00:06:22] It’s just limited by cameras and electronic locks on the door. It’s that easy. And so you [00:06:30] don’t need a digital ID. You’ve lived a whole life without a digital ID. Your life is not your safety does not require it whatsoever. So if I achieve nothing else by this, call this conversation. When they say, Oh, you’ve got to register if you’re digital, I must say, no, I’m going to say no even if I am thereby financially excluded. If you if you accept this, you are in the first stages of the same funnel that cattle go [00:07:00] down or at the end they’re in the crush cage waiting the stun bullet. That’s this is the beginning of it. So please say no, because there’s no escape from the totalitarian control that digital ID regulates. Your access to. Every space into every transaction will will grant whoever owns the database and controls the algorithm controls you. They will abolish cash, introduce central bank [00:07:30] digital currencies as readily described, and you will not be able to transact at all. So I think I’ve persuaded you that they lied about the the pandemic. I personally don’t think was any pandemic at all. And had they not had the panoply of mass testing and the terror of 24/7 network TV, I don’t think anyone would have noticed anything. The people who were ill were suffering from the normal illnesses, amplified [00:08:00] tremendously by the stress and fear that was being pumped out of their televisions.

[00:08:05] Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors of human immune system. It makes you ill. And that’s what they did. They lied to you. And what all that happened is they amplified all the normal illnesses and then they treated people badly, effectively murdering them. But here’s the worst part. Now, they had us believing that there was this pathogen floating around and you had to be vaccinated. [00:08:30] Well, let me just point out a couple of little fact. Lits vaccination could never have been a successful or appropriate response to a respiratory viral pathogen. And it’s not going to be the next time because there’s going to be a next time you’re going to do this again. That’s why I’m speaking, right? I mean, everything’s happening like I just retired to my shed. They’re going to do this again. The reason that these vaccines could not work is, again today injected them into you [00:09:00] and they create immune response if they work in your blood compartment. But the pathogen has gone in your nose and lungs. It’s in a different part of your body. And they do not meet. The immune reaction from the injected vaccine plays no role whatsoever in protecting you from infection from an airborne pathogen. So I knew that they knew that all the players who’ve been lying to you knew what I just told you could not work.

[00:09:28] Flu vaccines, I’m afraid, don’t [00:09:30] work really either for the same reason. And they’ve lied and sold them into your communities for decades. I didn’t know that until the last three years. But they don’t work. They could never have worked. Early treatment would have been the right thing to do, and it would all have been over. Then, of course, we’ve got the magic warp speed development. I mean, do you really think they managed to develop in parallel all the things they would have normally taken seven, ten, [00:10:00] 12 years to do and they managed to do it in less than a year. No, they didn’t. It’s literally impossible for them to have done. And I knew that I’d be pretty terrified in the middle of 2020 when I finally idly had a look at what they’re actually doing. And I’m going to talk to you about about that. So and I as soon as I realized what they were doing, I knew they were going to coerce it into everyone, even though they said, oh, we’ll give it to the vulnerable, the elders. So I have been made infamous by this phrase I’m going to give you. I’m [00:10:30] off. Aren’t these vaccines that we know of harms people? Were they toxic by accident? Or, as I put it, toxic by design. Now, I’ve spent I spent 32 years in biopharma research.”

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