It was in November when “the Biden administration publicly admitted they are working on a controversial solar geoengineering plan in cahoots with Elitist Bill Gates.”

This plan is being promoted by the usual Bill Gates and leftist billionaire George Soros, and it involves spraying chemicals above the Earth’s surface in order to ‘dim the sun’ and ‘fix global warming’ while blocking the sun from reaching the earth using solar bioengineering. They will, as always, tell you that it is for your own good because in this way, they will lower the planet’s temperature. This plan was slammed by a member of the Harvard Team’s Director, Lizzie Burns, who is working on Gates’ project has even admitted that the plan is ‘terrifying’.

However leading climatologist Janos Pasztor — who was an advisor for the UN and who now works for New York’s Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative, believes that ‘terrifying’ is an understatement. According to him, the plan risks unleashing devastation and chaos across the world. Think war, pestilence and famine.

If you make use of this technology and do it badly or ungoverned, then you can have different kinds of global risks created that can have equal, if not even bigger, challenges to global society than climate change.’

Climatologists are also concerned that such tinkering may inadvertently disrupt the circulation of ocean currents, which regulate our weather. This could spark a global outbreak of extreme climatic events, destroying farmland, wiping out entire species, and fostering disease epidemics.

Who is backing this project up? The American Government. In a published  report, which was prepared in response to a congressional directive, the Biden administration has announced that it is considering the proposal to block the sun “in an effort to meet global green agenda goals to cool the planet.”  In this report, the White House has presented “the concept of solar radiation modification (SRM) as a means to rapidly cool the planent by limiting sunlight”.

However, the administration emphasized that no decisions have been made regarding a “geoengineering” policy”.

One strategy proposed increasing stratospheric aerosol concentrations to reflect solar radiation away from the Earth. Among other alternatives were increasing cloud coverage over oceans and decreasing cirrus cloud formations, which reflect solar radiation back to the planet.

The administration asserts in the report Biden’s commitment to addressing the alleged “climate crisis.” The report of course gives you the usual lie and concern for your health and safety in its statement: “Climate change is already having profound effects on the physical and natural world, as well as on human well-being.”

And “worryingly, the report acknowledges that undertaking such a radical scheme could lead to significant disruptions in weather patterns, food supplies, biodiversity, geopolitics, and human health.”

But this is already happening, with the American government changing the weather using cloud seeding to modify hurricanes, bomb cyclones, extreme temperatures, and forest fires! America has been battered by severe weather systems in recent years, and forest fires have become an existential threat in some parts of the country. The Americans deserve to know what the government is doing with these powers especially when the government has admitted to controlling extreme weather and forest fires.

Because, if you read between the lines, it appears that the Biden administration is using extreme weather events to justify punitive climate change solutions such as carbon taxes, rolling climate lockdowns, and a “Green Sabbath” while now it is backing Gates’s and Soros’s plan to dim the sun which it sells you as being for your own good!

Clearly, the proposed “solutions” to the “climate crisis” are, of course, nothing more than tools for total control over humanity.

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