The pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest to sell drugs. In the United States where the health system is different from ours the more check ups that are done at hospitals the more money that will be made. While there is benefit in this as America is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy one needs to admit that this can lead to abuse.

The system invests so much time and energy to keep you weak and to suffocate your innate wisdom. The system invests so much time and energy to prevent you from trusting nature’s medicine have faith and motivation which are key factors for health then their incorporated intelligence hopelessness poison and profit centred “care” and modus operandi.

The system invests so much time and energy not to make you know that the best-kept secret of medicine is that the body heals itself if the right conditions are created for its health while we stop doing the things that caused the sickness in the first place. The system invests so much time and energy to not teach you that everthing we need is in nature. The system invests so much time and energy to make you underestimate your potential and power.

They twisted your symptoms the smoke signals sent by the body when it’s in trouble and in repair mode into a story about your body not working properly and requiring poison as a “cure.” They then turned that sick care system into a multibillion-dollar industry that profits from poisoning your body. Inflammation is not the cause of disease and the body is not the source of the problem. Inflammation is the body’s beneficial REACTION to the CAUSES of disease or trauma as well as a signal to you to pay attention and treat the cause so that the inflammation is no longer needed and retreats.

However if you have inflammation they offer pain medications which not only do not address the underlying cause but also create another toxic insult to the body leading to further disease.

The industry is not your friend. Your body is. Listen to it and treat it as if it were your best friend and most prized possession because it is.

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